Tour4Kids is back! Sign up and learn more here:

How to Register For Tour4kids

Tour4kids is quickly approaching and I wanted to make sure everyone knows how to sign up for this event. Here is a step by step on how you can sign up.

1. View the article

The article is posted on this website and can be found by clicking on this link:

2. Find the sign up section

Near the start of the article, there is a link that says “Sign up using this link” in front of it. Click that link.

3. Fill out the google form

This will take you to a google form. Once you are in the google form, fill out the needed details and hit submit.

4. Sign up for Zwift events

This series uses Zwift events(they are private so only people with access with the link can join. You can find these links linked on a google document on the google form. You can also find these links by just clicking on the different stages. Make sure you are logged into your Zwift account, then click the plus button. This will sign you up for Tour4kids!

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