How to sign up for Zwift Racing League

     Here is a quick post on how you can sign your team up for Zwift Racing League. If you need a team I have heard that it is pretty easy to find a team on the Zwift Facebook page. All of the information on what ZRL is, is all on their website along with rules, sign up, results, and everything you could possibly need. The signup process is pretty simple. First, you need a team of at least 4 riders and at max 6 racing in each race. This may change in the next season but WTRL has not released the info yet. I will post if any rules do change. Once you have a team, if you are part of a bigger team, like HERD for example, then the manager for all of the HERD teams can be your team manager. You will also need to choose 1 teammate to be the team captain. The team captain receives the emails with sign on links. To sign up just go to the section that says registration on the WTRL website. You also need to have a team on Zwift Power so that your team can be identified and so that WTRL can do the results quicker. After that just read the rules on the WTRL website and you are good to go! The start date of season 3 is not yet out but you can register already. The season should start sometime late March/Early April! I hope you decide to join this awesome racing series and good luck! If you have any questions/comments/thoughts/anything, just leave a comment below 👇.

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