How to Take Awesome Screenshots on Zwift

Everyone wants to show off their awesome pictures on their rides. The best screenshots are often taken while on a computer, as there isn’t the custom camera angle of iOS and other non computers. Taking good screenshots are great for showcasing your cool in game gear, or taking an image with the Yeti up the Alpe! Here are a few tips on how you can take a great screenshot on Zwift.

The best way to take screenshots on a computer is by using the F10 key. On iOS/Android the best way is likely with the companion app, so you can concentrate on getting a good angle in the app, and quickly snap the screenshot with your phone. Unfortunately, the only way to take a screenshot on Apple TV is to use the companion app.

Use camera angle 0

Using camera angle 0 allows you to control the angle in which the camera is facing. You can use the arrow keys, and the + and – keys to zoom in and out, and turn left and right. This makes for great screenshots and getting the perfect camera angle.

Find the clean images in files or remove the HUD

When viewing your image files on a computer, you will see the standard jpg image, and a clean version. The clean version is basically the same image but without all of the data that you would normally see. This is not an option on iOS, but you can click the little green picture icon when saving your ride to remove the HUD. You can also turn off the HUD and take an image with the companion app.

Have fun taking some cool screenshots!

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