How You Can Qualify For the Zwift UCI Esports World Championships 2022 // Zwift Companion Update

UCI E-Sports Qualification

Zwift has just released some more information on qualification for the 2022 UCI E-sports event that will take place in February. In order to qualify to the qualification event, you must be some of the top riders in your country. This event is technically open to the community, but 99% of riders will not even be able to participate in the qualification event. What would be great to see is an open to race riders of all abilities, the winner could get a special jersey, but not necessarily the UCI jersey. For details on qualification, head over to the WTRL page: For additional details, head over to this Zwift article:

Zwift Companion Update

Zwift also just dropped a game release for Zwift companion. There was nothing notable in this update, all that was included in release notes was Bug Fixes and Improvements. I did notice one thing, when in the ride mode, the background theme is now grey rather than light blue. Zwift also likely added the new routes and route map for Neokyo, which should drop next week ~10th of November. Zwift has also been working on the clubs feature, so updated UI for clubs could have been released. For more details on the upcoming game release, subscribe to the blog to be notified as soon as the article is published! For more information on Neokyo, head over to the attached article! Notice anything else? Leave a comment below with what you noticed!

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