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I Raced Three Times in a Row, and The Third Race Was The Strongest

Today I had planned to do two races, Kirchmair Race Series race 1 and 2. The race had some really strong and high ranked C riders. My plan was to attempt a solo breakway with around 1.5 miles to go, it didn’t work.

In the pens of the first race, I realized that virtually none of the high ranked riders had actually shown up. At this point there was nothing to lose, so I went solo cause yolo! I stuck to my plan, I got a slight gap of around 3 seconds before being shut down by a very strong C rider. I decided to sit in till the finish(or at least I thought I did). With 0.5 to go I launched another attack, this time a full on sprint. I got a small gap, then eased a bit because I thought it wasn’t worth it. I then realized that I was not going to win either way, so I started my sprint again. I was too late, I was caught with around 500 ft to go, finishing in 12th place. Pretty bad considering I am a decent B rider.

I signed up for the B race for the second race, and it was on a course that I liked; Gotham Grind Reverse. It had a hill top finish which suited me as I am a lightweight rider. I sat in the pack until the end of the race. I tried to reach down to get the cord to charge my computer, but in the process I fell back. Right then, someone just happened to attack. The group split leaving me behind. I cruised to the line in 19th place. SAD.

I immediately knew that I needed redemption. I signed up for the HERD Winter Racing Series race, hoping for at least a small Zwift Power gain. The race was pretty mellow with some small attacks here and there, but nothing major. At the end of the race the pace began to ramp up which tired me out a bit. Over the past few weeks I have learned that it is better to go early than late. As soon as the first few riders started to sprint, I activated my power up and started smashing the pedals. I eased with a second or two to go to the line, thinking Watch someone just pass me right now, that would be sad. Of course that exact thing happened. Passed on the line. I still got a nice gain of 5 points on Zwift Power, but it could have been more.



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