Indoor cycling equipment we use

In our household there are currently 4 of us who do Zwift. We have 3 trainers, one wahoo Kickr bike, one wahoo Kickr core, and a Tacx Neo 2T, which is what I ride. We also have a treadmill, a concept 2 rowing machine, and a Tonal smart weight machine. Here is a quick tour/overview of the garage.

We have wood floors to make the garage space feel more indoors and like an actual room in the house rather than the place where a car is stored(we don’t actually store our car in there). The bike that is mounted on my Tacx Neo 2T is a Bianchi C2C with Sram Red. Mounted on my little brothers trainer, the Wahoo Kickr Core is a Diamondback Podium juniors bike with Shimano Claris. Of course, just like most indoor cyclists, we have a fan. 3, one for each of us, 2 of them are small fans and the other is just a house fan that is actually really strong. To hold the iPads up we use 2 music stands, one of us shares while the other gets their own. For the trainer mats we just use one off of amazon, link is here:. Note: If you click on the link we might get a small commission if you use this link, this helps support the website and it does not cost you anything! For iPads we use one iPad that is maybe 5 years or so old, the other is around 3 years old, and the newest one is the Generation 7 iPad. Here are some pictures of the setup!

Later on there will be a separate post with the equipment in general I use for cycling, helmet, gps, bike, etc. Look out for that post later on this month! Share your equipment with me in the comments! Thanks for reading!


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