Ineos Grenadiers Greatest Hits

The official Ineos roster is going to be released soon! To celebrate this world tour cycling team, Zwift will be hosting events on the 11th-13th of August where you can ride with some of the Ineos team and other special guests. Some riders that will be participating in the events are OJ Borg(From the World Of Zwift), and Matt Stephens. There will be chase races, time trials, group rides, Q&A rides, and more, all in the 3 day event series. The courses are mainly flat, and there is a different course for the AM and PM of each of the three days. Here is an article from Ineos with some information Zwift says that you will unlock a fan kit if you complete any of the events. Zwift has just released event links and the kit unlock is the orange Ineos Training kit as shown in the image below. Here is the link to the entire series:, see you there!

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