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Information about Tour4Kids stage 1

    With tour4kids only a few weeks away I thought it was time to write a bit about some things to know about the races and some tips and tricks to help you get the best time possible. This is a TT so your set up could determine who wins. The route is only 5.7 miles long so around 15 minutes ish will be the average finish time. I am currently running the tests and this post will be updated with the fastest gear for this route. The route starts with a downhill that is relatively steep so I do not think that there is much time to gain there. Some rider will start out full gas but some will hold back. The next part of the route is a steep 1:30 min ish climb. I think that it is very likely that we will see some rider push on this part of the route. After that part there is a short decent then into the final mile or two which are rolling hill. KOM points can be earned on this TT. Before joining the race make sure that you are on a TT bike. Riders not on a TT bike with be DQ. Here are the results from the test!

Felt IA with disc- 15:56

Felt IA with 858- 15:58

In the end of the day aero rules this route so you will want to use your fastest gear for flats. If you do not own a TT bike then I would suggest the zwift TT with the 808 wheels, or the most aero dynamic wheels you have. Remember to have fun and I hope to see you all at the race!

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