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     I have created this roster so that everyone knows who is on the team and who is in what position. Please note that if you still want to join and haven\’t there are still quite a few slots up for grabs. The team will be about 20 riders and there are currently 10. I might make it up to 30 if we can get enough riders.

Team Roster: Riders: Ryan, J man, Elliott, Sophie, Molza, Luke, Oliver (me), Eric, Otto, and Ollie

These are each riders assigned position, it you want a different one, please let me know and I will see what I can do about it. We will have a few overall racers, like racers in general.

Ryan: Lead Sprinter 1 slot available

J Man: Racer 4 slots available

Me: Climber

Molza: Sprinter 4 slots available

Luke: Racer+ breakaway 3 4 slots available

Eric: Breakaway Leader 1 slot available

Otto: Racer 4 slots available

Ollie: Climber 1 slot available

Sophie: Breakaway leader 2 1 slot available

Elliott blake: Sprint climber (he will go for shorter KOM\’s)

Elliott Chi: Climber

Ima Beast: Climber

    Ryan will be our primary sprinter and I will be the primary climber. Also these are all random position based off your stats. If you wish to change your position and I will try to change it. Thanks for reading and I look forward to racing with you all!

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2024 years ago

Hi Ollie No I’m not allowed discord And that’s ok about time

2024 years ago

Hi andrew! I have been doing times for UK riders. Do you have discord? If so let me know cause that is where I announce things

2024 years ago

Hi Ollie it’s Andrew I can do some rides of (JCT) only the time is not suitable for me And I can do some stages of the Tour.Thanks.

2024 years ago

Yeah, that is a great idea! I will follow up with you to try to organize those

2024 years ago

Hey I am Aditya i really think we should do team races like crit and sometimes meetups for workouts.

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