JCT update (actually important)

     Hi everyone! Recently I created a team called JCT for junior riders on zwift, I regret to inform you all that I will be removing the team because of lack of time and just not much interest. I noticed that at first teams are very exciting, especially having your own, but after awhile, you start to lose interest in it. Another problem I faced was that we had a lot of UK riders that were joining the team. Since i\’m in the US it was really hard to find times that work. I think that this is a good decision for me as the team creator because there will not be much happening later on in the year and the coming years. If you are looking for a friend to race with. I will be more than happy to race! I hope that you all understand. Ride on! Meanwhile there are many kids teams such as BYT and KBC. I also will try to get a group ride specifically for kids on zwift since I know that many of you want something like that. Any questions or comments just leave a comment and I will respond. Thanks to all of you who read the blog, a special thanks to all my fellow teammates that I got to race alongside! Ride on

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