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Junior cycling teams on Zwift? Are there any?

     Just like many adults, a lot of kids want to be part of a team, have teammates to race with, work together with, and train with. While there are hundreds of teams out there for Zwifters, they are all made up of adults, which can be pretty intimidating for a lot of kids and parents may not want their kids riding with a bunch of adults who they have never met before. Two of the largest teams that are kids only are Bikely Youth Team, they used to run multiple Zwift Racing League teams but due to the new rule, they cannot. They run weekly group rides, and they have over 80 members. Team Kids, which hasn’t had much action lately due to school and other things, but still has over 30 riders. Here is a little bit about each of them.

    Bikely Youth Team is a team for riders who are competitive and for riders who just want a social pace. It was created in 2020 during quarantine. Every weekend Bikely Youth Team does a group ride at a social pace, some sessions are harder than others. They are usually an hour long at around 2 wpk. They used to have three teams racing in Zwift Racing League, but because of the new rule, they are not able to participate. Their goal is to get stronger and help everyone have fun and improve! They are currently looking for more riders to join, if you are interested, let Paul Vriesman know and he will guide you through the process! Bikely Youth Team now has official public events! To join those, just look on the events calendar for Saturday morning, and you should find a ride titled BYT Saturday Social.

    Team Kids was created in the middle of 2019. It is the oldest kids team still around but they haven’t been very active recently due to school and other things that keep us kids busy these days. This team was very active in 2019 but started to fade when quarantine started. This team has just over 30 riders and does not have any events going on currently but to join the team contact Elliott Blake and he will get you set up. 

    Bikely Youth Team is the only junior team to get public events on the calendar. A special thanks to Elliott Blake and Paul Vriesman for creating these teams for the Zwift kids community. To join these teams you can find them on zwiftpower.

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