Kask Protone Icon Mission Zwift Announced

Zwift have just announced that they will be hosting a new mission for the month of June. The mission lasts from June 16th through June 30th. The mission is presented by Kask, so Kask will be providing prizes and in game gear for this mission. Registration for this series will be open on the 13th of June. You can sign up by logging into Zwift, and there will be a card on the screen where sign up will be. Note that this is a cycling-only mission. Runners will be able to do the Asics Pro Series.

Last month’s mission

What do I need to do to complete the mission?

In order to complete the mission, you must climb 2,500 meters(8,202 feet) during the duration of this mission. If you are looking to complete this mission fast, a great place to accomplish the mission is up the Alpe. ~2.4 Alpes will complete this mission for you. If you are looking to spread this amongst the 14 days, it would require 178 meters a day(583 feet). One easy way to do this is 1 lap of Whole Lotta Lava every day.


There will also be some events throughout the mission where Kask ambassadors will lead the group rides.


You will unlock the exclusive in game Kask Protone Icon if you complete this mission. You will also be entered to win one IRL!

Here is a link to Zwift’s official page for this series: https://www.zwift.com/events/series/kask-protone-icon-mission.

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