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KOM Cycling Media Display Review [2023]

The KOM Cycling Media Display was released a few years ago, and it was a huge deal. This is because of its budget-friendly price point and value. However, is it still a good purchase in 2023?


The KOM Cycling Media Display has some pretty impressive specs for its price point:

  • Non-slip rubberized surface
  • 24″ x 13″ surface
  • Height range of 34″ to 50″
  • Slot for tablets/phones
  • Two water bottle holders
  • Tri-pod like base

These specs are very similar to those of the Wahoo Kickr Desk. The Kickr Desk is often regarded as the best indoor cycling desk because of its design, build quality, and features. The Kickr Desk, however, retails for $200 more than the media display, which is priced at $99.

Set Up

The set up of this desk is super simple. It comes in ~3 pieces. I completed the construction of the desk in less than 10 minutes, but it did take some adjusting to get it at the height and position that I wanted it. Under the desk, there are different screws located in various positions, allowing for greater adjustability. I was surprised by how large the base of the desk was because I am used to using a music stand for holding my devices.


The desk worked exactly how it was supposed it. I could fit my laptop, phone, AirPods, and water bottles on the desk and it all stayed firmly in place. I didn’t have to worry about the desk collapsing or the surface tilting as I would with a traditional music stand. Overall, I was not able to find any flaws within this desk and I was super impressed with how it functioned.

Now would I choose this desk over the Kickr Desk? Probably not. I personally prefer the desk to be over the wheel so that I can reach the keyboard very easily. This desk cannot quite go over the full wheel because of its design limitations.


Overall, this is an amazing indoor cycling desk and it is arguably the best deal that you can get on a piece of equipment like this in the United States. However, there is another option that is made by LifeLine. The design seems to be identical to that of the Wahoo Kickr Desk and it retails for ~$150, but is on sale for $69 at the moment. If the LifeLine desk can be found for that price, it is definitely a better deal than this desk.

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