KOM cycling mount review

     I have recently gotten the KOM cycling mount for my garmin forerunner 920xt and I have been having problems with my quarter turn mount because of my aero handlebars situtuation I discussed in a post here. I just tried out the mount and here are my thoughts, some photos, and what I like about it. A few things that I like about this mount is the fact that it fits all garmins except the really tall ones. I currently use the 920xt with the quick release mount and it works perfectly with this new mount. It took a few tries to get the mount perfectly positioned on my handlebars but I eventually got the perfect fit. Putting my garmin on was fairly easy but the fit could be better. If is very sturdy so I do not have to worry about my garmin falling off on rough roads or accidentally knocking it off. For anyone out there who is looking for a relatively cheap mount then this is an excellent choice! This post will be updated shortly with images. Thanks for reading!

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