Leveling Up
        Are you on level 1, level 2, or even level 3 maybe higher? Eager to level up? Most people don’t like it when you don’t know something and others do, so don’t wait to keep on reading because this article is for you. Ready to learn some new tips and tricks to level up?

        As you ride on Zwift, Zwift will give you xp for every mile/kilometer that you ride. In this circle when you pass a banner using a bike other than a tt bike, you will get a random power up. If you pass a banner using a tt bike, you automatically get 10 xp. Routes will also give you xp once you finish one. In each route you get a different amount of xp everytime. In other words that means if you do a longer route you get more xp, if you do a shorter route you get less xp. Each level you have to earn more xp to level up. When you get to the next level you get a prize to let you know you have worked so hard. For example, when you pass level 1 you get a Zwift kit (jersey) and on level 50 you get the level 50 jersey. You don\’t always get jerseys, you can get helmets, glasses, gloves and socks. If you want to get to the highest level, the highest level is level fifty but that means you have to have 500,000 xp.

        Leveling up gets you more and more cool things like jerseys. Nobody can wait until they get to level 50 and get the rainbow jersey, so have fun riding while collecting tons of xp. Ride On!

“Don’t buy upgrades, ride up grades”
-Eddie Merckx
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