London International Zwift Classics // London 8


Week five of the Zwift classics takes riders around part of the London 8 course in, well, London. The interesting thing about this race is that the route will be a custom finish on the Mall sprint.

The Course

On this course, riders will race more than one lap of the London 8 course. It is a pretty straight forward course with one main climb – Box Hill. Lightweight riders will want to be very careful on the downhill. This is because it is extremely fast and steep.

The race will start by heading towards the London Classique portion of the course. After completing this portion of the course, riders will head up the Box Hill KOM. Box Hill is 3km in length, with an average gradient of 4.3%.

Riders will then head down the Box Hill KOM descent. Watch on this descent. It is quite easy to get dropped on this descent, especially if you are a lighter rider. This is the only logical place to use the Anvil power up. The power ups in play are the Anvil, Burrito, and Draft.

After finishing the descent, riders will make their way back to the London Classique area. The race will finish at the Mall Sprint.

Bike Choice

The best bike choice for this route will be either the Tron or the Venge with the Enve 7.8 wheelset depending on your rider type. For the riders who are less confident about the climb, an all-arounder set up will be best. All arounders will definitely rule this course. Expect a LOT of trons!

Time estimates

Note that these are just rough estimates of the times, as the times will ultimately depend on pack size and how competitive the group is.

A: 37 Minutes

B: 39 Minutes

C: 41 Minutes

D: 44 Minutes


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