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Minor Bug Patch Released(Late June 2021)

Earlier this week Zwift released a minor bug patch to fix a few different things. Here is the list and what the fixes do.

  • Fixed a bug causing the Kickr Bike steering to no longer work.(The recent update broke Kickr bike steering and some new functions that were supposed to be added, those issues were fixed down below)
  • Fixed a bug with the new Kickr Bike U-turn and power up button functionality.(It is great to see that this function is now working, this will be a very fun button for me when I ride the Kickr bike. Not super happy about the U-turn part though. I hate it when I accidentally U-turn while trying to finish a new route…)
  • Fixed a bug causing Zwift to crash during launch on MacOS 10.11 devices.
    These fixes should fix all of the bugs that were out from the previous update which was released 6 days before this update. Since this was a bug fix there were no features, but Zwift has hinted that they will be updating route UI when you are doing a route. That should be releasing sometime between Mid July and late July. Any other bugs/fixes that I missed? Leave a comment below 👇

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