Mt. Fuji Hill Climb Dojo Series 2022 Zwift

This event is back for the second year in a row! The event is a popular event in Japan with over 10,000 participants IRL. This event series is made up of a TT performance check, a series of workouts, and the final event. Completing the final event will get you the custom kit made for this event!

The event runs from the 1st of March through the 4th of June. Here are the workouts.

  1. Base Workout: Sanreizan – Cadence work
  2. Base Workout: Subaru – 40/20s
  3. Base: Kawaguchiko – Sweet spot
  4. Base: Do – Cadence work
  5. TT Fitness – Fitness check
  6. Build: Gin – VO2
  7. Build: Kin – VO2
  8. Build: Hakkin – Progression
  9. TT Fitness – Fitness check
  10. Guest Athlete Workout – TBD
  11. Guest Athlete Workout – TBD
  12. Guest Athlete Workout – TBD
  13. Scratch Race – Final event for you to test your strength!

The event series will also feature some special guests throughout the series. These guests include: Akihiro Takaoaka, Roppongi Express, Yuma Joishi, Nariyuki Masuda, and Takato Ikeda.

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