My aero handlebars situation

    Currently on my bike I have handlebars. On my old bike they were not aero so it was real easy to mount my garmin a the quarter turn mount. But now with the aero handlebars, it is much harder to find a good place without buying a new mount. At first I thought that I could just use my dads that he has on his tri bike, but then I realized that aero handlebars are a lot thicker than tri bars. On my most recent ride, I was going downhill and I had my garmin mounted on my top cap with, using the quarter turn mount on top of my top cap, this did not work well because I had to use normal rubber bands because the garmin ones were way too small. During the ride, the rubber band was slowly beginning to rip and soon it was dangling by only a few rubber bands. Later I dug through my dads box of cycling things and found longer garmin rubber bands, I then tried my quarter turn mount again, but this time on my handlebars, near the where the stem meets the handlebar. That solved my problem. I still had to use 2 normal rubber bands, but even if those do fall off, it is still pretty study because of how tight I made the garmin ones. Here is a pic of my set up for my garmin mount. 

    Thanks for reading this article! If you are having the same problem as me, leave as comment below with your problem and a pic of your handlebars! Ride On!

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