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My Favorite Routes on Zwift

There are currently hundreds of routes on Zwift. Of the hundreds, here are my three favorite routes on Zwift.

Released in the July Zwift update, was Suki’s playground. Suki’s playground covers almost all of the roads in Yumezi, excluding the dirt roads. I am not a fan of the dirt roads, and this route also has great scenery, making it my favorite route on Zwift. One of my favorite Zwift pictures I have taken so far was on this route.

Second is likely Richmonds UCI course. This route has a sprint and a bunch of short KOMs that are around a minute long. I like this route because of the short KOM’s because they are quick and easy to pace. They are great for solid 1 minute efforts. One of my segments is probably 23rd street, it is a super steep straightaway that lasts around 30 seconds. The route also finishes on a climb which is much better for a light rider like me so if I am racing I can have a better chance at a good result.

Third is Crit City. I love racing this route because they are short 1.2 mile laps and it helps the race go by faster for me. I like the rolling hills and how fast the route goes by. Even though it is event only it is very fun to race on and set new fastest times, FTP’s, and best results. All of my recent new FTP attempts have been on this course.

Let me know in the comments below what your favorite routes are! Thanks for reading!

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