My list of bike reccomendations

    In the Zwift drop shop there are tons of bikes. Today you will read about my recommendations list of what to buy. Ever since the drop shop opened, riders have been performing speed tests so that they will know what to buy. The s works venge disc is currently the fastest bike if it is paired with 858/disc setup. If you do not have those wheels, the tron is the fastest. I highly recommend unlocking the tron bike. The tron is probably the coolest bike in my opinion. Don\’t know how to unlock the bike? Read my article on it that tells all about getting the tron.

    My number one recommendation of overall bikes is the Cervelo s5. The s5 is one of the fastest bike, coming in third with the 858/disc wheels. I recommend saving up your drops to buy the s5, which can be bought starting level 25. This bike is fast, cool and will go well with almost any of your kits. Why wouldn\’t the venge s works be first on my list? continue reading and you will find out.

    Coming in second on my list is the Venge VIAS. This comes in second on my list because it is only around 500,000 drops, and it is available for purchase starting at level 18. This bike is also one of the fastest bikes, although it is not faster than the tron when paired with the 858/disc wheelset, it is still cool, easily attainable, and affordable.

    Third on the my list is the Venge s works disc. I chose this bike for third instead of first because to even be able to buy this bike, you must be level 33 or higher. Getting to level 33 typically takes close to 6,000 miles. This bike is cool, and the fastest bike. Once you have this bike, you may never need a new one! This bike goes really well with most wheelsets but my personal favorite is when it is paired with the 858\’s. 

    I hope this article was helpful and fun to read. If you have any ideas of things you would like me to write about, feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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