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My opinion of France and Paris

     France and Paris have recently been released. In this article you will read about my thoughts and review of the new worlds. I will first be reviewing France, then Paris. I hope you enjoy the article!

    I have already ridden in France around 10 times. Most of them were group rides, and some were on my own. I think that when they had France as the tour de france style, it was probably one of the coolest worlds, but after that, it reminded me of london. To me London is ok, it has a few cool route and some that are pretty boring. I think that France is probably an 8/10 on how much I enjoyed it. I think that Mount Ventoux is probably the most scenic place in France. One thing I loved about France was how many sprints and KOM\’s they added. One thing that I did not like was the fact that you do not get anything at the top of mount Ventoux. After climbing 1,500 meters, you would think that you would get something at the top. Maybe they will make some achievements later on, but right now you do not get anything except the pride that you finished and a long steep downhill.

    I have only ridden in Paris once, but these are my thoughts so far. I never rode Paris in Tour de France style but overall it was an awesome course. France is a lot like richmond, with a sprint and a loop jersey. This route is perfect for short sprint races or crit races. Here are my thoughts. a few things  I really enjoyed about Paris is the short sprint with the slight incline. I love this sprint because it is a short 15 second sprint. I also liked all the hot air balloons that you can see in the sky. The thing I do not like is the fact that there are only two routes. Letuce express, and Champs Eylesses. (Sorry if I miss spelled it).

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