My updated list of bike and wheel recommendations

     This is a list of my updated bike and wheel recommendation. In this article I will list my top three bike recommendations and wheel recommendations. For the bike I will be recommending overall fastest road bike on flats. For wheels I will be recommending the fastest and coolest wheels for flats.

    My number one recommendation for bikes is the all new Tarmac SL7. I highly recommend this bike because it is a low level unlock and very well rated. I have not yet tried the bike but I am currently saving up to buy the bike. This bike is 674,000 drops and unlocked at level 5. I also like this bike because it can change from multicolor to a solid color. It is also very affordable and a low level unlock.

    Second on my list is the venge s works disc. I recommend this bike for riders that are on high levels, like level 35 ish. It is currently the fastest bike when it is paired with the 858/disc combo. This bike is a very cool and fast bike. Though it does cost 798,000 drops. It is unlocked at level 33.
    Third on my list of bike recommendations is the cervelo s5. It\’s level unlock is 25, so it will not take too long to obtain. It costs only 603,000 drops. This bike is third fastest when paired with the 858/disc combo. It is faster than the tron with those wheels but it is still a solid frame when it is with any wheels.
    First on my list of wheel recommendations is the 808 wheel set. It is very fast. the 5th fastest wheels overall and it looks amazing with a TT bike. The 808\’s do look a bit ugly though. It is unlocked at level 13 and costs around 175,000 drops.
    Second on my list is the new DT swiss wheels. They look pretty fast and probably one of the coolest wheels in zwift in my opinion. They cost around 180,000 drops. I do not currently know what level unlock they are but I think it might be level 8 or 9.
    The final set of wheels on my list is the disc wheel. The disc wheel is available for purchase at level 35 and costs 1,075,000 drops. It is pricey but it is worth the drops. It is the second fastest wheel and looks outstanding with a TT bike.

    I hope you found this article useful! Pictures are coming soon. If you would like to say what your favorite bikes or wheels are feel free to leave a comment below! Thanks for reading!

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