All About Neokyo Makuri Islands


Here is everything we know about Neokyo. Zwift’s latest addition to Makuri Islands is called Neokyo, based off of Tokyo. This addition was added in the November monthly release. The world of full of fast flat neon roads, with a new setting where it is always dark, no matter what time of day. There are 8 new routes in this section. Some of the new routes will be in Neokyo and Yumezi, which will make for some longer routes. This new section features 13 miles of new road. Neokyo will be available for meetups starting the 15th, and event organizers will be able to schedule events in Neokyo shortly after. Neokyo will connect to Yumezi via a pretty short tunnel. One thing that I have noticed about Yumezi and Neokyo, is that they both have lots of very sharp turns throughout the route.

Zwift just released another teaser for this new expansion, which makes it look more like a retro kind of Tokyo, not like modern day. Zwift also released a Zwift Companion update that contained the map for Neokyo, which can be now seem when riding in the Makuri Islands. Based off of the comments on the post, it seems as if Zwift is also working on some new roads in France, maybe an expansion for a virtual edition of the Tour De France Femmes?

The Neokyo section of the Makuri Islands

Eric Min, Zwift’s CEO just did a ride in Neokyo today. There are four segments, three sprints, and a KOM. The KOM is a small short KOM, and the sprints are around 10-30 seconds long.


Here are images with details of all of the routes. Images will be added once the routes are released. Most of the routes are fairly short, around 10km ish, with some that are longer. It looks like most of the roads are flat, maybe with a small KOM. It also looks as if there are a few sprints too. The routes look like they are very detailed and very well designed, based off the images, some of the best we have seen from Zwift, which makes up for the small amount of roads. Neokyo is fairly flat, with maybe a few small climbs, making for very fast courses. Check back soon for individual articles for each of the routes.

Individual Route posts

My thoughts

Based off of the images, I think that this is a pretty well designed world, and I can’t wait to ride in it. I think that this is one of those worlds where turning the HUD off will make the ride experience a lot better. I think that if the world is as well designed as parts of Yumezi, then that will make up for the lack of roads. I would expect to see more routes added in the coming months, like what we saw with Yumezi, and then new roads added in around 6 months. Maybe Mt. Fuji? Or even Mt. Zuji, we will have to wait to find out!

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[…] Zwift’s Yumezi Makuri Islands were released back in May, in just 1 month it is confirmed that we will be getting a new section of Yumezi. This is more of a modern Tokyo, while the Makuri Islands is a more rural area. The new section will be released in November, and for the first time, the world will be in night only mode, so it will be dark 24/7. The streets will also have the wet look, making the design look even better. Update: Neokyo is likely to be released on the 10th of November. For details use code Neokyo:! […]

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