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New Junior team on zwift

     This is a team for junior cyclist who race and would like to be on a team with lots of structure. We will do races together and TTT’s. If you can’t make it to some of the events that is ok. Please contact me through companion if you would like to be on a TTT team with me. Our goal is to improve as cyclist and get better at racing. Please try to do workouts 3 times a week. I highly recommend them training plan TT tune up. I will make announcements for the team the team blog. I will make announcements for which races I will be doing so we can do them together. My goal is to also create a team where we will race together and work together and win races. If you are looking to join a team where it is more group rides/social rides. Join KBC. If we can get enough riders I will request for a jersey. To join the team, please go to zwift power and search up JCT. In the future we might also have some IRL gear.

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2024 years ago

Just found out that I can’t do the TTT’s. I have an article on my other blog called

2024 years ago

Hey, by the way, we need a jersey to wear in time trails so we know who is on our team?

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