New mountain bike trails soon?

    Earlier today my little brother and I decided to go sightseeing around the new world, France. In my recent rides in France I have been noticing a lot of mountain bike/mysterious trails in random places. I decided to do a group ride around France and then glide down Mount Ventoux. On the way down mount Ventoux I decided to film part of the downhill for you guys to see the trails. When you watch this video you will see all sorts of random trails that lead to random places. The thing that was confusing is that some did not even lead anywhere, some even just went in a little tiny loop. A few theories I have had is a possible alternative route down Mount Ventoux. Another theory that I had was a way to climb up Mount Ventoux on a mountain bike trail. My sister also had this other theory that it could possibly be a running trail. I think that the running trail theory is very likely but also the fact that Zwift just came out with the new steering feature. The steering feature could have been leading to a better mountain biking experience. If you have any thoughts or theories, please leave a comment below. Also if the video is not working please let me know. Enjoy the video! The video seems to be flipped to the side, if you have any solutions let me know.

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