New Wahoo Rollr Rumoured

At this years 2021 UCI time trial world championships, riders were warming up on what looked like a new Wahoo trainer. One thing that I did notice about the images that I saw were that they were not like traditional rollers, instead, they had a piece that keeps your front wheel in place, preventing you from wobbling around. On the sides of the trainer it said Wahoo Rollr. Which makes sense as the Wahoo Kickr is also spelled without the e. I would expect Wahoo to release more information on this device soon. Once the new trainer is(if it is released) released, I will do a post with all of the details about the trainer. Some people have also reported that there were Bluetooth and Ant+ symbols on the trainer, which means it could be a smart roller system that has resistance ,power, and cadence, or it could just communicate power and cadence. Like usual, there will be the traditional Wahoo flywheel with the cool arrows at the back. Shane Miller, GPlama has also just done a Lama Lab test, which usually means something is on the way… One user also posted this image on Instagram.

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