New Zwift Feature: Screen Capture

Lots of Zwift users have been wanting to record the final bits of their rides so that they have the ability to go back and analyze it. For ages, riders have been able to take screenshots, but never proper videos. Now, it appears that Zwift may be adding this feature in the near future…

Eric Min’s Strava Feed

Eric Min, the CEO of Zwift often posts short video clips on Strava. However, he used to just record using the iOS built-in screen recorder. Nothing fancy. Recently, it appears that he has been using a new screen recording function built into the Zwift game bar.

On December 27th, a user noticed this and commented, asking whether this was a new feature coming to the game. Min replied with a simple, “Maybe!”. Personally, I take that as a yes. As to when this feature arrives, no date has been confirmed.

What is the Feature?

The screen capture feature will likely allow users to capture ~15 seconds of footage. This footage will then be saved locally to the device, allowing users to view it whenever they please. The reason why the footage will likely be restricted to ~15 seconds is because of storage. Most devices don’t have the capacity to handle several minutes of footage.

When Will it Release?

I suspect this feature will likely arrive in 1-2 releases, so version 1.33 or 1.34. 1.34 or later will be more likely as 1.33 already has Scotland coming, making it a major release.