Zwift Update
       Yesterday afternoon, Zwift released an update that will be a huge deal for riders under 45kg. Yesterday I tested it out to see what the limit was. I found that as an 11 year old weighing only 29kg this update really helps. I decided to try some climbing. My previous time on the Volcano KOM 12:00 minutes, was destroyed by yesterdays ride. Yesterday averaging around 120 watts I got the time of 9:06 seconds. I also beat some riders in the meetup I was in. This update also made a huge difference on the flats. Instead of getting around 42 seconds for fuego flats. I got 39 seconds. Pretty big difference for such a short sprint. I also found that I was averaging like 24 miles per hour going at a steady 3wkg.
        Crit City. This morning I decided that the update would probably help my race stats. I decided to join the crity city that was at 7:45 am my time. In the D category there were a good 30 riders. I decided that I would try for a top ten. As the clock ticked down to zero I started a steady average of 120 watts. Over 4wkg for me. After the first mile, I was in a steady rythme with front group. I lingered around at 1st and 2 place. A little before the finish, one rider went for the win. I decided to let him go. He started gaining a lead on us, first 5 seconds, soon turned in 30 seconds. As we approached the final lap I decided that I would try to get a top five. I already had the KOM for the prime segment. I had never been higher than 50th place. I knew this was likely my last race in D, my wkg qualified for D, but before the update I was going the speed of a 45 kg rider. With .2 to go, the top five riders began to push the pace, I followed. I knew the finish line was just around the corner, I decided to go for it. I moved up to 2, then fell back to third, I crossed the line right next to fifth. I looked up at the results hoping for 5th, I was 5th. Top 5, the best I had ever done. I saved my ride and looked a Zwift Companion, in the results I was actually 6th. Although I did not get a top five, I had improved by 3 minutes. I decided to check Zwift Power. Next to my name in the results was a little trophy. I was first in Zwift Power!
        Other things in this update. 
        There is a new training plan now called Zwift Racing. This training plan gets you ready for all kinds of races and routes.
        You can now select which TT bike and which mountain bike you want to use for TT and Mountain bike events.
         New meetup messaging features. You will now not see messages from other riders not in the meetup.
         New mission. For the month of June. The Zwift community with be celebrating the LGBTQI+ community. (more info coming soon)
         New Ramp Test for beginners and riders under 60kg. This ramp test starts at a lower amount of watts.
        New Steamroller powerup. This power up is meant to be used on dirt. This power up will make you go faster on dirt for a certain amount of time.
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