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Next Up For Zwift Clubs

Zwift Clubs have been out for around 7 months now, the feature has allowed for thousands of Zwifters to create their own private events and clubs! Zwift has just posted on the forums with what is coming next for clubs.

What is Zwift working on now?

  • Ability to discover / search and join a club – Zwift has been working on this for awhile now, I would expect this to be rolled out in the next month.
  • Ability to share and join your club via web – A highly requested feature, this shouldn’t be too hard for Zwift to implement.
  • Double draft mode – The original clubs feature had the ability to turn this on or off, so it is another function that will probably be released in the next few months
  • No draft mode – Same as Double Draft timeline wise
  • Rubberband mode – Zwift has started working on this and a few tests have already happened. Now Zwift is just trying to make sure the speed is accurate.
  • Making event only routes available – Definitely shouldn’t take too long
  • Reduce route image sizes during route selection
  • Abandon / delete a club – Seems like a very simple feature, very surprised this isn’t already an option
  • Group workouts – Group workouts are another highly requested feature, probably won’t be released in the next month

Read the full post on the forums here:

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