Coming up on Zwift is a very tough Norseman ride. Usually there is one in real life, but because it is cancelled, it will be happening on Zwift. If you complete the ride you will get the norseman in game kit and I think a chance to win a slot into next years norseman ride.

    This ride is taking place on watopia\’s Uber pretzel. A route that covers every single part of watopia. This route is almost 80 miles long and has a elevation of 7,661 feet. This route is currently the longest route in watopia.

    This ride will be taking place on August 1st. The running event will be on the day after, August 2nd.
    I hope this article was helpful, please help out the blog by letting people know about it. Feel free to leave a comment below. Here is a link of the event for reading!
The Norseman Summer on Zwift. - Norseman
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