Off the MAAP Tour Zwift 2021

Zwift’s yearly off the MAAP tour is back! These are usually stage races that anywhere from around 10 miles up to 30. It is not officially labled a race, so it is kind of like a fondo where you just go at your own pace. Some riders will be racing it though. Each stage is in a different world in Zwift, they use the standard categories, A, B, C, D, and E which is women’s only.

Here are the dates for the events along with the worlds for each stage. The stages are world themed so they are not a specific route, each category will follow a different course.

Stage 1: Watopian Wildlands – Aug 3–6
Stage 2: London Outskirts – Aug 7–10
Stage 3: New York Skyroads – Aug 11–14
Stage 4: Yumezi Backcountry – Aug 15–18

The unlocks for this event vary each year, last year I believe was just the kit unlock. This year if you complete all four stages, you will unlock the 2021 Off The MAAP kit, socks, and cap! These items are also available for purchase if you want to use this kit in real life too! As usual, there are makeup days. The makeup days are August 19th-23rd. The event officially starts on the 3rd of August. Here is a link to the registration: Here is a link to the forums post which contains some FAQ too: Zwift also has their own page on the event with registration for the entire event, FAQ, and as usual, a bunch of cool promo images: Lastly, here are some more details(routes, distance, etc) from the MAAP website:

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