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Old La Honda Road Climb

     Old La Honda road is one of the more popular climbs in my area. Many of the local riders love to grind up the climb and try to beat their previous time. Some of the best riders can do this climb in under 15 minutes! The climb is 2.91 miles long, 8% avearage grade, peaking at around 20%, and 1256ft of climbing! Many riders like Kate Courtney, Alex wild, and other pros have conquered this climb! The climb is around the portola valley area and at the top of the foresty climb there is sometimes even a little bit of snow! At certain parts of this iconic climb you can look through the trees and overlook the bay. Majority of this climb is covered, shaded by redwood trees. One of the coolest parts about this climb is that there is a street towards the top called Upenuf, the perfect motivation to keep you going to the top! Here are some pictures of the climb and a link to the strava segment:!

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