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Oliver’s Zwift Setup

        Ever wondered what you should do for your ultimate Zwift setup? I currently have a Bianchi C2C bike with aero handlebars and SRAM red which I have on my Tacx Vortex Smart trainer. I also have a garmin bike computer mount that I put my Garmin 920xt on. I use the quick release on my garmin so that I can put it on my bike. Want to follow me on Strava or Zwift? Just search up Oliver Chi and you should find me. We are currently staying in our grandparents house so I have my trainer in the garage next to their car. I use an iPad to do Zwift, sometimes the updates do not come through until a few days later because Apple takes a longer time to approve the update. Whenever you are riding be sure to have a charger to make sure you\’re device does not die(it can be quite frustrating).
        My opinion for the Tacx Vortex smart. Overall the Tacx Vortex smart is an awesome trainer but the tacx app in my opinion is terrible. In the app the trainer can be calibrated through a few easy steps. If you have this trainer make sure to use resistance on a hill on Zwift. Using resistance on Zwift can be helpful because sometimes the trainer slips on the hill because there is not enough resistance. Calibrating the trainer can sometimes help this, but it is always good to be on the safe side.
    Recently I set my bike up on a wahoo kickr so that my sister and I can ride together. The wahoo kickr that I am currently riding on is from 2017 so it does not have cadence, luckily it came with a cadence sensor. My overview of the wahoo kickr. Overall the kickr is really nice in terms of road feel and accuracy. The one thing that I do not like about it is the fact that I have to keep taking my wheel on and off so that I can ride outdoors. One thing I do love about it is that it can go up to 16 percent, vs my other trainer that only goes up 8. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed! Here are some pics, in case your wondering, the other bike is currently in the shop getting fixed.

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