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One thing I learned while racing on Zwift

     Recently I attempted racing 2 times in a row, first crit city, then a New York route. As I was warming up in the pen for the second race I decided I would go for the win and just see how the race goes, my legs were tired from the previous race. As soon as the race started I realized that the start was on a downhill. I knew this wasn\’t going to end well. I pushed to join the front group then dropped into a super tuck, I was stuck behind a rider who was slowly drifting away from the front, this was the end of the race. The group slowly drifted away and I tried rejoining but did not have the power to catch them. Definitely do not super tuck at the start of any zwift races, if you lose the group the race is over and you are on your own. I hope you learned a helpful tip! Here is a video of me getting dropped. Video

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