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Peak Race Series Announced

Starting on September 2nd, I will be running a weekly race series open to all Zwifters to join. Here are some details on the race…

The Peak Race Series is a mid-length 20-30 minute race that happens once a week, every Friday. However, this is not another boring race series that crowds your Zwift companion feed. Each race finishes at the top of a climb, whether it is at the top of a small gradual climb, or the top of a short KOM. This punchy, action-packed race will carry you to not only the peak of every climb, but also the peak of your fitness. There will also be 2 selected power ups to make the race more fun and strategic.

Rules: There are a few rules to this event, so please follow accordingly in order to be included in the Zwift Power results.

  • Heart Rate is required to be in Zwift Power results
  • ZPower riders will be removed from Zwift Power results
  • Category enforcement is enabled

All of the races will also be recorded and posted on the ZRace Central YouTube channel. The video of the race, along with an analysis will be posted every Sunday, see here:

Speed Hound is an endurance sports company with a goal to provide high quality tools for everyday athletes. We are dedicated to supporting every athlete‚Äôs journey to achieve their #missionpossible. Visit our website for more:  

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The event will be presented by Speed Hound, and I will be recording the race and posting on the ZRace Central YouTube channel. I am looking forward to this series, and I have some fun routes in store for the series.

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1 year ago

When will the invites be out?

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