Introducing an all new race series. This is the start of something that will (hopefully) play a big part in Zwift racing. I have many plans for this ‘series’, and it will actually be a series of series. So stay tuned for more! The first series that will be releasing on the public events calendar will be the Peak Race Series. More info is available down below!

Peak Race Series

The Peak Race Series is a mid-length 30-40 minute race that happens once a week, every Friday. The unique thing about these races is that they all finish at the top of a climb, whether it is at the top of a small gradual climb, or the top of short KOM, this is a fun action packed race. There will also be 2 selected power ups to make the race more fun and strategic.

Rules: There are a few rules to this event, so please follow accordingly in order to be included in the Zwift Power results.

  • Heart Rate is required to be in Zwift Power results
  • ZPower riders will be removed from Zwift Power results
  • Category enforcement is enabled

All of the races will also be recorded and posted on the ZRace Central YouTube channel. The video of the race, along with an analysis will be posted every Sunday, see here:

Peak Podcast Intro to Racing Ride

This will be a 30 minute ride where a podcast will be playing in the background. This podcast will give you all the ins and outs of Zwift racing, and help you prepare for your first race, or get better for your next race. The ride is not structured, so feel free to go at any comfortable pace. The podcast will talk about things from categorization, tactics, and tips.

Peak Power Monthly ITT’s

These will be monthly ITT’s(Individual time trials). These races will be pretty different from most Zwift time trials. Rather than having wkg based categories, we will have distance based categories. Test your fitness on the sprint, short, medium, and long distance courses.

Upcoming Events

[list of all upcoming events in the series]

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