Peloton Tread plus

     Earlier this week we got the peloton tread plus. I have been eager to try it. We got the one with slacks rather than the one with just the normal tread. Today I did my first peloton run and it was amazing. First I had to figure out the knobs which is for changing the speed. It is pretty easy to use and you get used to it after a bit. I didn\’t have the time for a instructor lead workout so I did the scenic run instead. They have all sorts of different places that you can run. The screen is very good quality so the graphics are really good. I started out walking but then saw the leaderboard feature and that motivated me to run. The fact that the scenic run motivated me and made we want to run is pretty impressive (the only time I ever really run is when I am doing ZA). Usually I run pretty loud and I have been trying to work on that but as soon as I started running on the slacks it was amazing, my feet were silent and so was the treadmill. The slacks provided a pretty smooth landing for me and helped have a soft landing. Before I knew it the 10 minute scenic run was over. I know that I will be back for some more later! Sadly zwift does not pair directly to the peloton tread + so I still have to use the run pod which is fine. If you are currently looking for a treadmill, the peloton tread plus is an excellent choice. Here are some pictures of the treadmill!

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