Pride On 2022 Zwift

To celebrate Pride Month, Zwift will be hosting events throughout the month of June to show their support.

Unlocks/Special Effects

If you complete any of the Pride On rides, you will unlock the 2022 Pride On cycling kit or running shirt. Socks will also be available for unlock. As usual, Watopia will also be decorated in Pride colors for the 2022 Pride On events.


This year there will be various group rides throughout the days, all of which last 50 minutes. Some of the group rides may include a Zwift employee as the ride leader. The events are 1-3 wkg, so pretty much any pace that you would like to go when there is no leader. It is not a race, it is more of a fondo like group ride. View a complete list of Pride On 2022 events here:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday – Flat Route

Tuesday, Thursday – Figure 8

Saturday – Triple Flat Loops

Sunday – Volcano Climb After Party

Zwift Support

Zwift will be supporting the community with their partnership with Athlete Ally and AIDS/LifeCycle. They will be giving back to the community in various ways. Learn more about Athlete Ally: Learn more about AIDS/LifeCycle:

Pride Life Guard Tower

The Pride Life Guard Tower is an actual place/item in Long Beach, California. Zwift brought it in game for last year’s Pride On events, and last game release, they announced that they will be keeping the Pride tower year round. Learn more about the tower here:

Sign up/FAQ

Zwift has some FAQ’s that they have posted on their website. There is no sign up for this event series, as any ride or run event will unlock the 2022 Pride gear. Here is the link to the FAQ’s:

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