Race London ZRacing March Announced

Zwift’s latest individual race series has just been announced. Over the past 6 months, these events have been extremely popular. For this month’s series, riders will be racing around the virtual roads of London. As usual, there really will not be any prizes for winning or completing the series, just the ZRacing March “badge” in the achievements section.

Race 1: Mar 5-12 // Greater London Flat [Aero & Draft]

The series starts out with a nice and flat race. This race will likely take the top riders ~20 minutes, and up to 30 for the vast majority of Zwifters. Be sure to time the Aero boost and Draft boost well! The aero is best used in the finishing sprint.

Race 2: Mar 13-19 // London Loop [Feather & Aero & Draft]

This will be a very interesting race because unlike most races, this race finishes at the top of a climb. The total duration will be ~1.5 laps of the London Loop course, featuring a finish atop the Box Hill KOM banner. The best power up is going to the feather or aero, as the finish is decently flat.

Race 3: Mar 20-26 // London Classique Reverse [Burrito & Ghost]

This race is just like any other race, and might actually be the least exciting race of the series. This just goes along the reverse of the London Classique. We could see some early sprints/breakaways using the Ghost power up in the final few kilometers, so be on the look out!

Race 4: Mar 27-Apr 2 // London Classique and London Loop Reverse [No power ups]

As usual, the series finishes with two back to back races. The first race is simply the lead in to the London Classique route, which is mostly downhill with a kicker in the middle. The final race is a race to the top of the Fox Hill KOM. Choose your bike wisely!


I’ve noticed that there are no recons for these races, so I will be releasing recon videos for each of the races. Enjoy!

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