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Rapha Rising 2022 Zwift

Rapha Rising was a mission a few years back. It is back this year, but not as a mission. Instead, the challange will be 3 different stages on three different days. The series will conquer a different route each day, some of the most popular climbing routes on Zwift. There will be virtual gear that you can unlock throughout the challenge, including the kit and socks. For every stage you complete, there will be in game gear that you will unlock. Completing all three stages will amount you with a total of 2,896 meters. If you complete all three stages, you have the opportunity of winning a 1500 Euro voucher to Rapha.


Stage 1 – Road to Sky

Climb up Alpe du Zwift, an exact replica of the IRL Alpe du Huez climb. Complete this stage to unlock the Rapha Rising 2022 Socks

Stage 2 – La Reine

Tackle most of the Mt. Ventoux on Zwift, with the route ending at the KOM banner around 2/3 the way to the top. Complete this stage to unlock the Rapha Rising 2022 Cap.

Stage 3 – Climbers Gambit

This is a relatively new route on Zwift, and it goes through titans grove with a finish at the top of the Epic KOM reverse. Complete t his stage to unlock the Rapha Rising 2022 Kit.

If you complete all three stages you will be entered to win a Rapha voucher. There will be a few up for grabs, so be sure to finish all three stages!

Dates and Sign up

Sign up opens on the 18th of February, stay tuned! There will also be a Zwift Power GC league for those who are in for some competition. The event begins on the 25th and goes through the 27th of February.

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1 year ago

Looks like the sign up date will be FEB 18th and the routes will be Road to Sky, La Reine, and Climber’s Gambit:

Reply to  Bob_W

Thanks for that!

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