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Recommendations for bikes in the Drop Shop

     Here is a list of things I highly recommend to purchase in the drop shop. For riders level 15 and below, the Tarmac SL7 is probably the best bike when you pair it with the 808\’s or the DT Swiss wheels. For riders level 30 and below I recommend getting the canyon aeroad 2021. This bike is unlocked to purchase at level 23 and costs 532,500. I recently got this bike and it is an amazing climber and aero frame. For levels 30 and above I would recommend getting the either the Felt AR with the 8.9 wheels, or the Venge s works disc. I prefer the Felt just because of the look. For TT frames I recommend saving for the Cervelo P5. It is unlocked for purchase at level 15 and costs 710,000 drops. Also get the 808 wheels. Once you are on level 31 get the 8.9 wheels. These frames really don\’t make that big of a difference but they definetly make you look cooler!

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