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Renewing a free kids account

     There are thousands of kids on zwift riding with free zwift accounts that zwift gives kids if they are under 16. However those accounts only last for 12 months. At the end of the 12 months the account will go into free trial mode. Basically meaning you can ride 20 km for free and you won\’t be able to do as many things until you renew the account (basically it locks some of the key features). To renew the acount you must send an email to zwift support and they will tell you to fill out a consent form to say that you agree to a bunch of terms and conditions. Once you do that the account should be up and running within days. I have had my account renewed a few times already and it is a very simple process. It might be delayed due to how many kids accounts just got deleted and how many kids are getting accounts. Thanks for reading! 



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