Rules and Guidelines for the tour

     Hi everyone! To make this race as fun as possible, you must follow these rules. Here are the rules and guidelines to make this the most fun possible. No accusing other riders of cheating unless they have a good reason, if any rider is to break any of these rules, they will automatically be dq. If at any time you are a very sore loser, you will be dq. If there is any arguing and if it gets bad, dq and you will be removed from the race chat. Remember, as long as you follow the rules, you will be in the final standings, no cheating too. Remember, just because someone is doing more watts than you, that does not mean that they are cheating. Have fun! Race hard, and we\’ll see you on the road!

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2023 years ago

Hi, you can do as many as you would like, as long as you complete 4 stages you will be in the final standings, you will lose 1 minute off the peloton for every stage you miss.

2023 years ago

this is nicholas

2023 years ago

if you miss one not that im planing too can you do the others

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