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Rund Um Innsbruck Zwift Classics // Innsbruckring


Week 6 of the Zwift classics takes riders around the Innsbruckring course 2.5 times. The race finishes on the leg snapper, so this is bound to be a tough race.

The Course

On this course, riders will do 2.5 laps of Innsbruckring, a 5.5 mile course. This route tackles the well-known Leg Snapper, a short steep segment. There are now 3 opportunities for power ups on this course. The lap banner, Leg Snapper KOM banner, and Sprint banner.

The race will start by heading towards the Leg Snapper. Once riders hit the leg snapper, they will have a short descent that will lead to the Sprint. It is a pretty straightforward course to race.

After starting the second lap, riders will make their way towards the Leg Snapper, which is now an official Zwift segment!

Riders will make a left turn onto the Leg Snapper. This is when most riders will start sprinting, expect a 30-60 second all out effort on this segment. I would recommend going slightly later rather than going all out right off the bat.

Bike Choice

The best bike for this course is going to be an aero frame and wheelset, as this course is pretty flat. Riders who really want every tenth of a second in the finishing sprint should use an all arounder.

Time estimates

Note that these are just rough estimates of the times, as the times will ultimately depend on pack size and how competitive the group is.

A: 30 Minutes

B: 32 Minutes

C: 35 Minutes

D: 37 Minutes


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