Save Big on Indoor Training Cycling Equipment

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are just around the corner. Wahoo, Tacx, Stages, and other indoor cycling brands are offering huge discounts on indoor cycling equipment, so if you are looking to make an upgrade, now is the time to do so.


Kickr Bike V1

We currently own a Kickr Bike and I find it to be very high quality and accurate. I do have my opinions on the ride feel, but overall, if you are looking for a highly customizable smart bike, this is the perfect smart bike. It is currently being offered for an unprecedented price, so if you are wanting one, act quick! Check out the Kickr Bike V1 here:

Kickr V5$799

The Wahoo Kickr V5 was released in 2020. It is pretty much identical to the Wahoo Kickr V6 minus a few small features. Power accuracy is the same, gradient, ride feel. It is an amazing deal right now and if you are looking for a high end direct drive trainer, this should definitely be considered. Check out the Kickr V5 here:

Kickr Core – $699

The Kickr Core was released a while ago, but still remains the choice for many cyclists. However, with the Kickr V5 discount, the Kickr Core is no longer an awesome option unless you need the trainer to be sub $700. Nevertheless, it is a great trainer that is built to last for ages. Check out the Kickr Core here:

Tickr Fit & Tickr X – $63

The Wahoo Tickr Fit and Wahoo Tickr X are two of Wahoo’s most well-known heart rate monitors. Many Zwifters(or cyclists in general) choose these for their workouts. The Tickr Fit is one of the most accurate optical heart rate monitors and the Tickr X is accurate and includes a few additional perks.

Kickr Rollr – $639

The Wahoo Kickr Rollr was released a bit ago and led many riders disappointed. This is because it was basically like any other set of rollers, but with the ability to control the resistance.

Kickr Core – Certified Reconditioned – $499

For $499, it is a great deal because it matches the price of the Zwift Hub. Wahoo does make sure these trainers are good quality and still in good condition. The accuracy levels of both trainers are the same, so it will ultimately depend on which one you want to go with.

Powrlink Dual Zero – $799

These are Wahoo’s flagship power meter pedals. Based off of reviews, these seem to be some of the most accurate power meter pedals. The current price is a decent deal considering the fact that they are Speedplay Pedals, which general sell for ~$100-200. However, when you take into consideration the Favero Assioma Duo’s, these are not an amazing deal.

Kickr Snap – $299

Wahoo seems to have been finding it hard to compete with Zwift’s Zwift Hub, so the price of the Kickr Snap is now a highly competitive $299. No other smart trainer sells for this price. If you are looking for an easy to use wheel-on trainer, this is the way to go. Check out the Kickr Snap here:


Garmin bought Tacx a while ago, but their trainers are still Tacx branded. Garmin is offering some great discounts on their trainers.

Tacx Neo Bike – $2559

Garmin is listing the Tacx Neo Bike for a hefty discount. Just earlier this week, Garmin released the new Tacx Bike Plus. However, the upgrades made were not significant. The Tacx Neo Bike, I’d say, has a very different ride feel from other bikes. In my opinion, Tacx trainers tend to feel more realistic than Wahoo. But with the price of the KICKR BIKE, I probably would not go for the Tacx Bike because of the extra $600. Check out the Tacx Neo Bike here:

Tacx Neo 2T – $1119

The Tacx Neo 2T is normally one of the most expensive smart trainers. With the Black Friday sale, it is now available for quite a bit less-slightly cheaper than the Wahoo Kickr V6. I own the Neo 2T and have ridden over 13,000 miles on it. So far, it is amazing and still works as if it were new. If you are looking for the best of the best, here you have it!(I am kinda biased…) Check out the Tacx Neo 2T here:

Garmin does have a fair amount of other trainers that are discounted, but I did not feel that they were as notable as the ones listed above. The other trainers, I feel, are not as high quality as the Zwift Hub or the other Wahoo trainers that are available for a better price.


Stages is well-known for making high quality power meters. However, they do also offer a smart bike that is very well-known amongst Zwifters.

Stages SB20 – $1799

I’d say that the Stages SB20 is the most standard smart bike. It includes everything you need with a smart bike-accurate power, custom gearing, customizability, and Zwift compatibility. It does not include the other small(but also pretty big) features of the other smart bikes-steering, road feel, physical up and down movement, etc. The fact that you are able to get a Wahoo KICKR BIKE for $200 more makes this deal not sound quite as good, but if you have a budget that doesn’t work with the Wahoo KICKR BIKE, then definitely consider this smart bike. Check out the Stages SB20 here:


Even though I did not feel that this section was super necessary, Wattbike is an indoor cycling company and they are offering a good discount on their smart bike.

Wattbike Atom – $2999

If you are looking to purchase a Wattbike, I’d like to inform you that there are not really a specials to this smart bike. It doesn’t give you road feel or anything like that. Currently, for the Black Friday sale, it is $400 off of the retail price. Check out the Wattbike Atom here:


Elite offers tons of smart trainers and they offer them at quite a reasonable price. Now there are some concerns about the “sticky watts” issue being somewhat related to these trainers, but they seem to be getting better and better as new versions are released. I cannot seem to be able to find the prices for items on their website, so I have linked to other reliable retailers.

Elite Directo XR$599

The Elite Directo XR is a very reliable and accurate smart trainer. I have not personally tried one, but I know many have and have liked the product. Check out the Elite Directo XR:


Saris is another well-known cycling brand. They make things from trainers to bike racks, all at a pretty good price point. They also got lots of media attention when they were acquired by C+A Global around a month ago.

Saris H3 – $699

The Saris H3 is well-known for its amazing ERG mode and power accuracy. The H4 was released a couple months ago, but at this price, the H3 is an amazing option. The Saris H3 is out of stock on the Saris site but is still available in other places(REI, The Pro’s Closet, Sigma Sports). Check out the Saris H3:


Favero Assioma Duo – $559

The Favero Assioma Duo’s are currently the best deal for a dual sided pedal-based power meter. These are great for recording power data for both indoor and outdoor rides. Indoors, they are very popular for dual recording. Check out the Favero Assioma Duo’s here:


Phew! That was a long one! That just about rounds it out for the indoor cycling deals for this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. If you spot any notable ones, please let me know in the comments and I will get it added.

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