Setting Up an Account

Setting Up An Account For Kids

        Can’t wait to start zwifting? Well, we have the best advise for you in this article, so hurry up and keep reading so you can get a account as soon as possible. Read on to join the fun.

        To set up an account go to on google or other search engines. You will see a button in the upper right corner that says create account. If you don’t see it you might have gone to the wrong site, so make sure you see the button. Once you click on the button, Zwift will then ask you to fill out a form so that they can get an account started. Accounts for kids are free until you are 16. 

        Setting up an account takes around 2-3 business days. If you are a kid make sure you renew your account every year. Ask your parent/guardian to email zwift about it. Be sure to renew your account a couple days before you got your account so that if you want to ride on that day you can. Don’t know when you started? Zwift has a countdown on your zwift home page, where you select your route.

Circled in red is the button that you click to start account

        Ready to get started? Then get started! Any questions? Comment below 👇

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