Sub 50 Min Alpe // Tour4kids Stage 4

For the past few days I have been taking it easy in order to be nice and fresh for Stage 4 of Tour4kids. My goal going into this stage was to do the Alpe in under 50 minutes. My fromer PR was 57 minutes, so I would need to shave off around 8 or so minutes. Around 10 riders showed up to the race and we stuck together for the first bit before getting to the Alpe. Originally I planned to pace myself at around 4.3-4.5 wpk, instead, I stuck with the lead group for as long as I could. I held on for around 20 minutes, by the time I dropped there were only 3 riders remaining in the lead group. Most of my graph was yellow and red, which meant that I would probably set a new FTP!

After I dropped, Peter Mitchell, a very strong rider who was around 1:30 back began to bridge the gap. I tried to hold steady around 140-150 watts, hoping that I would still accomplish my goal. On the final turn, Peter was only 20 seconds back. I managed to hold him off, settling for 4th place. This was by far the hardest ride I have done. It was pretty much an FTP test, but you have to keep going after. I finished with a time of 46:22, 11 minutes faster than my previous PR. I also set a new FTP of 155, 4.6 wpk.

Video Recording

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