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Sub One Hour Alpe Du Zwift // What’s Needed to go Sub One Hour?

The average rider takes around 1-1:30 to ascend the Alpe Du Zwift, the most well known climb on Zwift. However, Zwift offers a badge for those who go under an hour, a whopping 1000 XP if you can do it in under an hour! Pair that with the spinning wheel, you could earn well over 3000 XP in one run up the Alpe! So just how much power is required in order to tackle this climb in under an hour?

Tests by Zwift Insider, and others like GPlama,, and others have found that for the average rider, around 3.2 wpk to go sub one hour. What I wanted to know was for the average weight of a junior rider, how many wpk are needed? I knew it would be slightly over the standard rider(around 70-80kg). My fastest time is currently 58:46, but I think I can probably improve on it(that’s besides the point).

When I weighed around 30 kg around a year and a half ago, to get a time of 59:24, I had to average about 3.65 wpk on the Tron bike. That can probably be lowered to around 3.55 with the lightest equiption. Then, just about one year ago, I did the Alpe in just about 58 minutes, averaging 3.7 wpk.

This leads to the conclusion that it takes about 3.6 wpk to do the Alpe in one hour, maybe a few seconds less. You can certainly lower the amount of wpk you have to do, no matter how much you weigh, by joining a group ride up the Alpe and using the draft.

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