Tacx Neo 2T review

Nearly a year ago

     Earlier today I got a Tacx Neo 2T and decided to do a review and comparison on it. I will be reviewing it and comparing it to the Wahoo Kickr 16 and the Tacx Vortex. I have only ridden a few miles on my new trainer and so far it has been amazing! I have tried all the different road feel settings and love the setting.


    Overall the trainer is great, I think that the road feel feature makes indoor training a lot more realistic and I think that it will be a fun feature to ride with. Erg mode on this trainer is amazing, unlike the wahoo trainers, my power stays around the same amount of wattage, only fluctuating within around 5 watts. I noticed that the trainer is super accurate, comparing it to my Powertap P1 pedals, they were only a few watts apart at most, compared to the Tacx Neo 2T .


     We got the trainer at our local sports basement which gives 10% off if you are a member(yay), they carried the trainer and it was 10 percent off. The trainer is super heavy, which I should not have been surprised about. The trainer costed $1,399, which is the most expensive trainer I think. Here is the unboxing/review.

           This side shows what the trainer looks like from above. The trainer also comes with a free 1 month zwift subscription and a tacx training app subscription.

This side of the box hows the details, one of the things that sticks out is the fact that it can go up to 25 percent gradient.  

    This side is nothing that interesting, just the description of the trainer.

    This side shows all the cool features, like the fact that you can ride on it without having it plugged in, also that it is supposed to be the quietest trainer, which is very true. An audio video will be posted soon.

    And this part just shows like all the details that are not that important. I will be posting a video on how to install a cassette and a first ride video with a lot of these details. Onto the unboxing, first of all, even before I looked in the box, I could tell that I was gonna like this trainer! Here are the unboxing pictures.

    The first thing you see when you open the box is a cool cover thing that says, push your limits, which is kinda cool. Here is a picture of all the instructions, parts, and cord. The trainer does not need the cord but when you use the cord it enables the downhill feature keeps the flywheel spinnign to make it more like real life.

    This is the trainer part. The trainer was huge when I first looked at it, but I eventually got used to it. The trainer folds up and to unfold it you simply just push the sides down. I do recommend installing the cassette first before unraveling the trainer because it makes the cassette easier to install.

    This is the instruction manual. The instructions are pretty good compared to other ones, online I could not find anything on how to install the cassette, I know how to install one, I just did not know if it was different on the tacx from the wahoo, turns out it is the same.


    Our indoor training set up is full of trainers and other workout equipment like weights, a treadmill, and a rower. We have a Tacx Neo 2T, Wahoo Kickr Core, and a Wahoo Kickr Bike. We used to have a Wahoo Kickr Gen 2 and a Tacx Vortex but got rid of them because they were starting to have issues. The Neo is a much better ride feel and accuracy than the Vortex and Kickr Core, but I do really like how easily you can take bikes on and off the Vortex. If I were to compare this to the Wahoo Kickr Bike I would say that the ride feel on the Kickr bike is definitely smoother. For some that may be a good thing, and for others that may make it feel less realistic. For me I feel like the Kickr bike is smooth, but a little bit too smooth. One thing I have noticed is that the Kickr Bike’s power goes up instantly, like from 0 watts, to 400 in around 2 seconds, the Tacx takes a longer time to get up to the amount of watts.

This is just a closer up photo of my bike on the trainer.

    This is just a picture of the trainer itself. It is significantly larger than the wahoo but it does not really bother me. One thing that I had really been looking forward to is taking a closer look at the lights that are below the trainer, the lights are really cool and are super cool in the dark. The lights reflect how hard you are working, the brighter the color, the harder you are pushing.

Wrap up

    Overall I think that this is the best trainer I could get. Even if I had gotten the kickr 2020, I think I would have regretted it. Comparing it to the other Tacx trainer we had, I think that the Vortex is a good trainer and it is very durable, we hadn’t had any problems with it until earlier this year, which is when we ended up getting rid of it and switching it out for a Wahoo Kickr Core. It’s been almost a year and I have yet to have a single issue with the trainer, I have replaced the cassette once so far because the old one was worn. We originally got rid of the kickr because it was vibrating a ton and it was pretty uncomfortable. The Neo 2T is a 10/10 because of all the cool features that it has including Left and Right power, Road Feel, No cord required, and it is incredibly accurate. These are all things that most trainers don’t have that I love. It is a very expensive trainer, but if you ride indoors a lot, I would say that it is worth the money. One thing that you won’t notice by just looking at it is that it can rock side to side slightly, this is especially helpful in sprints or hard efforts. The only downside to this trainer is that it is expensive and it can be hard to take the bike on and off(which is the same for any direct drive trainer). But once you get used to taking the bike on and off, it is a pretty quick process, a few minutes at most. So far I have logged over 10,000 miles on the Tacx Neo 2T, and I plan to log thousands more! Thanks for reading, if you want instant updates on all the latest Zwift news, subscribe to the blog!


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